Andres fotografier

Photographer Eivind Vorland did this shot of me for a presentation in Nordlys newspaper in 1974 'Concerned, if not angry young man…'

Me with the SÁBMI map of 1975, photo Adresseavisa, Troandin/Trondhjem some years after

Me smilin'? How rare! Photographed by Anton Pedersen of Denmark, 1976 06 12 (Dec 6, or June 12?, December I think)

Photo of me with Sábmi map 08.03.1983 by Agnar Kaarbø, Fremover, Narvik during one of my exhibitions in my town of birth

Photo 2002 by Aile Javo during some Conference at Romsa University, where I was invited to exhibit and sell my Sámi articles, that is: books, maps, posters, cards. I believe this was the last time I ever did that.

This is a photo of the real & only Cathedral in Romsa/Tromsø, with my model of it made when I was 16 yrs old. (photo by Ronald Johansen «Tromsø») Go & do likewise…

Tigergutt, Supatra 'Tuc' Kotisen (the photographer's wife) and Putten II 04.10.2008. Photo: Ánde/ Anders Henriksen

Photo in my studio by Barbara Sjoholm, Duluth,summer of 2009

Photo in my livingroom upstairs,(boasting of my hand-bound books…!) photo by Barbara Sjoholm, Duluth,summer of 2009

«Angry Young Man» is the title of the self portrait I am holding, taken by Swedish friends in my studio 2009 It is so nice to have a laugh at oneself…!

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06.02 | 08:56

Har ikke vært der

16.12 | 22:36

Stemmer det at du har besøkt Rohingyiland? Tenker det er et viktig år å komme fram med gammel (40 år er nokså gammelt i dag) kunnskap i en akutt sak.

18.05 | 01:16


I am an American student traveling to Norway for my research project about depression among the Sami. I would like to interview you. Please contact me.

26.04 | 13:13

Hei! Er det mulig å få kjøpt kartene over Finnmark og Alta?

Du liker denne siden
Prøv å lage din egen hjemmeside som jeg.
Det er enkelt, og du kan prøve det helt gratis.