When in the early 1970s Silba-Áilu (Aslak Siri) of Guovdageaidnu, just completed his apprenticeship, and starting as an independent silver smith, (the first Sámi as such that I know about, at least), he asked me to make some designs that he could use. 

So I sat down and sketched, and developed the now well know "family symbol" of mine, based on Sámi drum figures (basically a development of the Bieggolmmái figure), it struck a cord within him. It has later been wrongly taken for an original ancient symbol, and I can't help but take some pride in that fact. However, Silba-Áilo took one of the pre-versions and made into a brooch, one single item, I believe, and the only person I know has one is my colleague Trygve Lund Guttormsen of Máze. 

My latest design was to make the logo for NANA, International Festival of Indigenous People (Romsa, 1997-2004) as a pendant. One silver version was given Buffy Sainte Marie as she had a concert here in October 2000. Later I had one made in gold on titanium, made, like the silver version, by Anu Forselius of Unjárga. Should I continue this branch?

If any of you are interested in owning one of these, please contact me, and we might work something out…

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Ann-Kristin Mikalsen | Svar 11.10.2011 17.54

Mye vakker kunst! Likte spesielt godt tresnitt bildene :)

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priser på kartene fgra kr 200 til kr 300

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Vad kostar tavlorna(kartorna)?

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Hos meg, send SMS +47 984 26 921

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