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Photo by Jaconna Aguirre, Oklahoma Post November 2004

Velkommen til hjemmesiden vår

Welcome to my homesite where you can see artwork, photos, and read texts by others and me. Some (but far from all) of the content will change rather often… 

Page 1: Welcome page (this one) KEVISELIE ; subpage 1: Art of the moment (My current artwork show)

Page 2: CV (Curriculum vitae): my activities as a professional artist & more

Page 3: Pencil drawings; subpage 2: Colour pencil/crayon drawings

Page 4: Ink drawings

Page 5: Paintings on paper(aquarelles); subpage 3: Acrylics on paper

Page 6: Oil paintings

Page 7: Graphic Art I: Metal graphic (drypoint prints & etchings)

Page 7: Graphic Art II: Lithographies

Page 8: Graphic Art III: Wood block prints; subpage 4: Sámi drums 1:1 & more

Page 9: Mixed media art

Page 10: Graphic Art IV: Maps (Sámi place names, etc.)

Page 11: Plastic (3D) art

Page 12: Carved Wood reliefs

Page 13: Design (Jewelry) 

Page 14: Art Commissions

Page 15: Arctic artist/writer. 

Page 16: Prose

Page 17: Poetry

Page 18: Debate. Subpage 5: Guest writers; Suppage 6: Interesting texts;

              Subpage 7: Sámi flag hi

story; Subpage 8: Debatt


Page 19: Keviselie lágadus publishing/forlag; books


Page 20: Graphic Art V: posters. Subpage 9: Commissioned posters

Page 21: Graphic Art VI: Digital Art; Subpage 10: Digital commissions

Page 22: Graphic Art VII: Book covers. Subpage 11: Logos

Page 23: Photos: My travels. Subpage 12: Guest Photos: Active me!

Page 24: "Sins of my Youth" 

Page 25: Guest book (be welcome to write in it!)

Page 26: Links

Page 27 Contact page

Page 28 Video page (my exhibition in Tartu Museum, Estonia 2011)

Subpage 13: KEVIFILMS: a preliminary list 1995-2004

The current texts are:

(page 18/ subpage 5): Rudolph Johnson:    A Sami View of Norwegian American Ethnicity , subpage 7: Sami flag histopry

page 15: Keviselie: (Intro: Keviselie, the author?);

page 17: LULEJU    a poem by Elle-Hánsa (1977-78)

(p. 15):  SJELDNE BLOMSTER      Novelle/short story (in Norwegian) 2000

(page 18)  Rapport fra Oceviecim/Auschwitz 07.03.2011  Nasjonalisme og menneskerett?  (1995)

(page 18, subpage 5)  Rudoplp Johnson in memorian (2007)

(page 16, subpage 5)  Vikings  - worse than their reputation/VIKINGENE – verre enn sitt rykte (2009)

This site will focus on me as an artist. Let me tell you briefly a little about myself. I was born July 1st 1945 as one of a pair of twins at the hospital in Narvik, Sápmi, Norway, or rather the ruins of a town that had been targeted for bombs during WW II. Originally I come from a small coastal Sámi village Searvegieddi in Deanudat, and the dreaded TB disease also infected me. My grandfather and all my 3 uncles died of it prematurely. Nils Anders died first 2o years old, then Samuel died the same year I was born at the age of 25, then Amund who «passed on» the disease (without being aware of it, of course) to me, and I was hospitalized for 9 years, 7  ½   in Romsa/Tromsø. 

(You can see photos of them here on my website under Kevi Photo Memories, subpage: Family photos)

 I have a very different, and for this area, rather unusual, though not unique) childhood. When I got out of hospital Sept 21 1956, I did my best to try to forget those years! They may also explain why I became an artist…

Being an artist is far from an ideal, it is, like the ancient noaiddit of my people, a heavy task, and a lonesome one, full of responsibilities but also spiritually very rewarding. I know there have been shamans in my line, and I use to compare being an artist with being a noaidi. The similarities outnumber the differences. 

Yet this has been and is being used against me, as something to loathe, to disregard as unfit in present contemporary society, and what not. 

To put it short: It is in the art sphere that attitudes and Machiavellian power games have survived and thrive, after being banned from the realm of democratic societies. Racism, favourising and discrimination are in full power in the art world, I am afraid, only with different titles and under the umbrella of so called artistic «freedom».  (27.04.2010)

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Nilas | Svar 29.05.2016 07.14

Love u 2

Helena Solberg | Svar 01.04.2016 20.22

Hei Hans Ragnar jeg tror det var i 1980 vi besøkte deg i ditt hjem Olaf, min mann var tremenning til Pus og Sigrid . Vi var på besøk i Norge fra Sør Afrika

Hildur | Svar 01.11.2015 23.28

Da er jeg her.

Ristiinná | Svar 01.11.2015 23.12

Dus lea albma fiinna siidu, Hans Ragnar!

Samuel Gælok | Svar 01.11.2015 19.18


Arne Grimsø | Svar 09.07.2015 09.19

Hei Hans Ragnar, proff side for en proff kunstner. God sommer

Elin A Amundsen | Svar 08.07.2015 22.28

Hei Ragnar, jeg synes det er mye spennende her!
Skal hilse fra Greta Johansen(gamle Kysten) fra Svendsgam.

ardenjohnson | Svar 30.09.2014 01.02

Isbn 978 1 84904 257 4

arden johnson | Svar 28.09.2014 18.34

Fikk en bok av kai. The Sami peoples of the north, paa side 128 staar det, HRM was just one noted Sami artist who suffered from TB for many years, spending

Hans Ragnar Mathisen 29.09.2014 19.02

Interesting, and I do not know this book. Could you please send me the ISBN number? Thanks! All the best from Romsa!

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29.05 | 07:14

Love u 2

01.04 | 20:22

Hei Hans Ragnar jeg tror det var i 1980 vi besøkte deg i ditt hjem Olaf, min mann var tremenning til Pus og Sigrid . Vi var på besøk i Norge fra Sør Afrika

09.01 | 11:12

Mer information om Anders Fjellner, hans poesi och betydelsen av hans arbeten finns p Samiska Historiebloggen: www.samiskhistorieblogg.wordpress.com

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Et fint bilde av den nødvendigheten av rent hav.

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