1. Deanudat

My áddjá or grandfather Máhte-Ánde (Anders Mathisen *10.03.1872 +08.03.1943) in 1940 This is the only known photo of him

Helene áhkku, Helene Mathisen r Samuelsen (*20.08.1882 +19.03.1959),in 1942?

2. Deanudagas

Searvegieddi ja Galdojohka; LA 1227 22.07.1972. Searvegiaddi (Fellesjord) i Deanudat (VesterTana), where my mother's family come from. Oh, I tried so hard to get this place, alas, in vain…!

Anna Persen r. Mathisen (06.02.1915-01.06.2001), my aunt

Eadni, my mother Eline Bendikke Mathisen (*30.06.1917 +07.08.1986) in 1946?

Uncle Samuel Mathisen spent his last times at Nyborg TB-home in Unjárga, where he died in 1945 25 years old and was buried the same year as I was born…

Máhte-Ándde Niilas-Ánde, Nils Anders Mathisen (*08.11.1922 +12.11.1942), my second uncle, died of TB 20 years old. This is the only known existing photo of him

Uncle Amund Mathisen (*20.01.1925 +14.09.1949) with a puppy dog. He, too, was infected with TB and was sent to Vensmoen sanatorium where he died 1948. He is buried in Deanudat

My mother Eline Bendikke Mathisen with me in Deanudat 1946

My mother with Gerd (*12.05.1948), her first daughter b 1948. I believe my asian-looking mother is one reason why I am so fond of Asian people…

This page contains photos from the past related to my family and me. Because our homeland were burnt in the authumn of 1944 as the World War II drew to a close, many valuable photographs have been lost, as part of the tragedy of thousands of individuals in Finnmark and the northern part of Troms counties. Fearing the hastily apprach of the Red Army of Soviet Union, the German troops evacuated the population, but did not manage to do a through job east of the Deatnu river. In many cases people choose to hide in the unreachable areas, and many but not all managed to survive the repeated detours of the German Nazi soldiers and their local helpers, and several people lost their lives as a result. Luckily my family managed to save some old photos during this time, and we are lucky to have them. Ours was a very poor family, like our neighbours, so in any case photographs were extremely rare. Mostly pass photos for the use for identification cards, and the like. My mother gave me those and others.  My aunt's husband, Henning Persen, who also tried his luck as a local crocerer, but had to give up the competition from a stronger Norwegian one, had a slightly larger choice of photographs. My aunt Anna gave them all to me as a gift, and they are the reason why this page exists at all. 

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I am an American student traveling to Norway for my research project about depression among the Sami. I would like to interview you. Please contact me.

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