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Just back from Mueffie/Mo i Rana in the border area of South Sápmi and Upmeje Sápmi, I am pleased to present top a wider public the exhibition there during the Sámi Church Days 9. – 11. August. Anne Dalheim of the Sámi Church Council opened my exhibition on the UN International Day of Indigenous Peoples. I was glad that about 70 people were able to attend, despite the very packed program, and some 10 minutes walking distance (much more, for those who do not know the way!). Naturally I also said a few words, but here I more or less let the artwork speak their visual language as best they can. However the best is to be there in person, so if you have a chance, go to Helgeland Museum in Mo i Rana, the exhibition is there until the end of August. 

This is the first exhibition of mine without graphic art, only paintings. They are all oil colour paintings on cotton canvas, except for the frames and the outer parts of the installation (Doors, table, masks, etc.). Apart from the portrait paintings, mostly done 7 years ago, the “Muittut” painting and carved wood painting (“Searching for father, nr 11) all have been made specifically for this exhibition.

The exhibit is supported economically by the Nordic Sámi Council, the Sámi Parliament of Norway and the Troms County Council.  
 Please enjoy!
It will re-open, almost unchanged, at Arran in Divtasvuodna on February 6th 2014!


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Sten Korneliussen | Svar 22.08.2013 00.17

For en flott utstilling Hans Ragnar! Skulle ønske jeg kunne sett den utstilt, kjempebra.

Elin A | Svar 05.02.2012 13.52

Fin utstilling Hans Ragnar! Deler den med mine fb-venner )

arne grimso | Svar 19.01.2012 11.31

Fint Hans Ragnar. Ser bare kjente ansikter her......

Aud-Kirsti | Svar 02.08.2011 13.24

Fine bilete, talande symbolikk.

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18.05 | 01:16


I am an American student traveling to Norway for my research project about depression among the Sami. I would like to interview you. Please contact me.

26.04 | 13:13

Hei! Er det mulig å få kjøpt kartene over Finnmark og Alta?

09.04 | 21:39

Hei, takk for svar. Så fint du fant et eks. Du kan gjerne sende meg den til Cobien Claringbould, Johnny Peviksveg 44, 7022 Trondheim. Send meg betalingsinfo

09.04 | 21:27

Hei! Jeg har kjøpt et kort på "Tråante 2017" som jeg syntes var skikkelig fin. Det heter: Dàlveiddja, Spirits of night. Går det an å kjøpe dette tresnittet?

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