Oil on canvas

My first, yet uncompleted oil painting, as backdrop to a planned self portrait. I did not feel competent enough then, and solved the problem by reducing my size; if you look closely, there is a small figure sitting close to the centre of the picture, that's me! Based on an old etching I saw in a British tourist magazine IN BRITAIN in the early 1960s : «Sir Lancelot (?) coming to Camelot» I was infatuated with old british culture…

This I recon to be my first completed oil painting, done when we lived at Åsgård, and showing a British landscape, as imagined by a young (17) artist-to-be with a vivid fantasy…! After reading books, or Comic book adaptions('Illustrerte Klassikere') like "Tom Brown's Schooldays" by Thomas Hughes(1822-96) or Charles Dickens' novels, I was greatly inspired

OP 1970 Muito

OP 06.-07.11.1971 Avdogas ráidu

19. 04. 19.04.2007: Oil painting on cotton canvas 100 x 80 «Ida Smith, Aotearoa» from pencil sketch 05. 05.1977

26.04.2007: Oil painting on cotton canvas/cardboard 65,1 x 50 «Visopiano» from pencil sketch 10.04.2007 Visopiano Sanyü, daughter of my Angami Naga Brother Visier, painted durng her visit to my home Easter 2007 This painting I gave to the Sanyü family, but I made a replica for myself later…

28. 04.2007: Oil painting on cotton canvas/cardboard 65,? x 50? «Kiyoshi Nagano» from pencil sketch 15.11.1979, closeup

My sister Gerd Irene, painted summer 2008 while listening to «Tristan und Isolde»

Kysten tripthyk 1/3 2009

Kysten tripthyk 2009

Kysten tripthuk 3/3 2009

Rukses stohppu

Coast tripthyk 2009 1/3

Coast tripthyk 2009 2/3

Coast tripthyk 2009 3/3

15.09.2008: Oil painting on canvas 120x90 «During Moon Festival, Taiwan 1979» (working title)

In the early 1960s I started to try oil painting. First I diluted them in spirits ond painted on paper. Later I used canvas. 

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I am an American student traveling to Norway for my research project about depression among the Sami. I would like to interview you. Please contact me.

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