Hereby we present a Sámi Calendar for the year 1975. This joint initiative of the Oslo and Bergen Sámi Associations, who also are responsible for its publication. Although we have tried to cover as large a scope as possible, the unavoidable fact has to be admitted that many of the historical facts mentioned are mainly from the Norwegian side of Sápmi. The first calendar or Almanac in Sámi language was published 180 years ago in Stockholm, Sweden under the title: “Almanacka Jaken autest Lådnestejen Christu

1. FROM OUR HISTORY I 1899 the mining company LKAB was established in Girun/ Kiruna, based on the resources of Girunvárri and Luossavárri, hence L-K- AB. The theft of Sámi resources is evolving on a grand scale. From the Swedish sector of Northern Sámiland 90% of the iron ore rpoduces in Sweden originates. Yet we, the Sámi have no influence over the development in our homeland. 05.01.1834 LARS JAKOBSEN HÆTTA was born. As an 18-year-old boy he was doomed to death for his participation in the so-called Guovdageaidnu-uprising, but the sentence was altered to life imprisonment, due to his young age. He was let out of prison in 1867 and his honours were restored. He translated the rest of the Bible, Old Testament, including some psalms. He wrote about the religious situation of Guovdageaidnu during his imprisonment. He also wrote some hymns. He lived until 17.2.1896 10.01.1800 LARS LEVI LÆSTADIUS was born at Jäckvik, Arjeplog, Sweden. He was mainly of Sámi stock. He was the founder of an evangelical Lutheran movement that carries his name. “Laestadianism was the form of Christianity that mostly appealed to the Sámi, in accordance with their own economical and social situation” (Per Fokstad.) 24.01.1948 The Oslo Sámiid Sær’vi/ Sámi Association in Oslo was founded as the first local Sámi Association in Norway 28.01.1902 JOHN ANDREAS SAVIO was born at i Bugøyfjord i Sør-Varanger. Was orphanazed at the age of 3, and grew up with his grandparents. Had to disrupt his education in Oslo due to tuberculosis. His promising career as an artist came to an end when he was still a young man. His works got common recognition only after his death.

The distance between Sámi and non-Sámi is already there. You do not make it smaller through denial. Det er nemlig ved å erkjenne sannheten It is by accepting the truth as equals That our common problems can be solved HRM

No stranger can sell the land that is loved by our people. - nufte – So strange is the human being that it loves its own oppressor. Andreas Labba

4. “Årro ii boađe mik’ke-ge, muttu dat, gutte jåttá, juoida gáv’dna. Den som farter finner noe” “To stay in one place does not further intelligence, but the one who travels will always learn”

5. How can people be happy, who lead others into unhappiness? N-n- HRM “VÁI’BAN ČÆRBMAT” 1973, Tired Reindeerncalf. Wood block print 1973 “Foreign eyes easily find faults”

6. Du volder ikke m e g direkte smerte / you are not causing direct pain on me Om du forkaster det samiske. / If you ignore your Sáminess Du gjør meg heller ingen tjeneste / You do me neither a favour Om du godtar det samiske. / If you accept it. Alt hva du gjør / Whatever you do Gjør du mot deg selv,/ You do to yourself Din slekt og ditt folk. / Your kin, and your people Knut Johnsen

7. “To be accused of activism is a great honour for any Sámi” (Knut Johnsen) Å bli beskyldt for aktivisme er en stor {ære for en same} Knut Johnsen “The Boy’s mind – the Wind’s mind” Olof Matsson Sirma 1672 “I shall not be harassed by beardless boys, says the Bear”.

8. “It is the whims of those in power that spells “righteousness”, and nothing else. (Det er de makthavandes godtycke som er rättvisa, och ingenting annat.) Per Idivuoma

9. Sámi Culture has never been “primitive”. Our hunting- and gatjering culture was advanced. K.J.

You can not extinguish a rich cultural heritage and erase an entire people on Nordic lands, and simultaneously wave democratic Angels’ wings vehemently condemning social oppression and cultural discrimination occuring under other skies. Man kan ikke viske ut en rik kulturarv og utslette et helt folk på nordisk jord, mens man vifter med demokratiske englevinger og iherdig fordømmer sosial nedvurdering og kulturell diskriminering under andre himmelstrøk. Reidar Hirsti

It is better to listen to the advice of a wise Sámi Than to swallow sweet promises from foreigners. nujaha My beloved homeland is more worth to me than all the money on the world. Inga Sara Eriksen/Inga Juuso}

12. Samiske søstre og brødre! Det nytter å arbeide for rettferdighet! Det er vi samer alene som kan føle Hva som erbetŧydningsfullt for oss. Derfor må vi selv arbeide for Å bevare og videreutvikle Våre verdier. Sámi sisters and brothers! It is rewarding to fight for righteousness! Only we Sámit can feel What is of importance for us. And that is why we ourselves Must work to keep and develop Our values. –nufte- “Čuovgas boagosta sævdnjadasa bargoid. Lyset ler av mørkets arbeid.” Light is laughing at the machinations of darkness.

This is a presentation of the first Sámi Calendar (Åk’ta Sáme-jakki (Okta Sámejahki) 1975), made by and for Sámi people, produced by an idealistic group of young Sámit living and/or studying in Oslo and Bergen in late November and December 1974.

It was a great teamwork, and we understood its significant contribution to the escalating re-vitalisation process of Sámi culture, language and society not only in Norway at that time. The texts are extraits from a longer essay I am planning to publish later, and comments and suggestions are welcome. I may use some of them, so please let me know if that is all right.

This is also a greeting and appreciation to those who were involved then, alas some are not longer with us (Dagrun Danielsen, Inga Juuso & others) and especially to the old and young ones of today and tomorrow who aim to continue this interesting project: A living, warm, dynamic and including Sámi culture!

For more details about the teamwork, see the page ČSV Sámi Activism above 

From a letter with details about the production time, it was short! / Fra et brev der kalenderen nevnes:

Så kalenderen. Du har vel oppdaget at november er feil? Sender deg noen korreksjonslapper. Se ellers mitt tidligere innlegg i Finnmarken. Sitatene burde nok  vært plukket ut med større velvalg. Vi får skylde på den korte tiden vi hadde til rådighet: Knut Johnsen hadde hovedsaklig tekstredaksjonen (ikke alt), jeg hadde layout som det heter. Jeg begynte arbeidet 25.11. mandag. Og vi var ferdige med hele greia og leverte til trykkeriet fredag 6.12. kl. 7 morgen. Kalenderen ferdigtrykt 14.12. Vi jobbet på spreng. Nils Johan Klemetsen (Ktk) oversatte, dessuten Håkon Henriksen, Edmund Grønmo og Thor Frette litt. Hadde et par av jentene våre som sekretærer, Dagrun Danielsen og Inga Sara Eriksen. Så jeg har jo ikke gjort alt alene, selv om mesteparten falt på meg.

… (from a letter to Svein Ottar Helander 09.02.1975)

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