01 Helene áhkku, Helene Mathisen r Samuelsen (*20.08.1882 +19.03.1959), at Searvegieddi in 1942? My áddjá or grandfather Máhte-Ánde (Anders Mathisen *10.03.1872 +08.03.1943) was already dead when I was born 01.07.1945

02 Anna Persen r. Mathisen (06.02.1915-01.06.2001), my aunt. (for more family photos, se another page on my site)

03 Eadni, my mother Eline Bendikke Mathisen (*30.06.1917 +07.08.1986) in 1946? The 3 youngest children of my grandparents were boys, and they all died from TBC, first Máhte-Ándde Niilas-Ánde, Nils Anders Mathisen (*08.11.1922 +12.11.1942), my second uncle, who died 20 years old. Next, but oldest of the uncles Samuel Mathisen spent his last times at Nyborg TB-home in Unjárga, where he died in 1945 25 years old and was buried the same year as I was born.

04 Narvik, where my twin brother & me were born July 1 1945, was severely damaged by bombs during WW II. This photo my mother gave me. On the way to Narvik, my mother and many others were fleeing the burning of the northern part of our homelands, and my first months we were at Hitra in Trøndelag, with the couple Josef and Gunda Rabben, because our home in Searvegieddi was burnt to the ground.

05 Uncle Amund Mathisen (*20.01.1925 +14.09.1949) with a puppy dog. He, too, was infected with TB and was sent to Vensmoen sanatorium where he died 1948. He is buried in Deanudat. He was the one who passed on the disease to me, with out wanting to or being aware of it, of course.

06 My mother with me in Deanudat 1946

07 Me in 1946 in Deanudat (socks on hands…) (I could pass for an Altiplano boy with that hat, don't you think?)

08 Visiting relatives in Deanudat.(l–r): My uncle Amund Mathisen with me on his arm, my mother with Ellen and Ole Eriksen, cousins to her and each other. (Ellen told me she loved to care for me then…) I believe this and the 3 previous photos were taken during the same occasion early 1946, either at Searvegieddi, or in Leabbus, or somewhere else in Deanudat where the houses (unlike ours) were not burnt by the Nazis 1944.

09 “Kysthospitallet paa Troms-ø” where I was ‘embedded’ 09.05.1949 till 21.09.1956

10 Part of the cure was being exposed to sunshine on large verandas, our only direct contact with the Universe

11 At last, after more than 6 years in bed, I was alloved to get up, I would be 9 or 10 years old here, and had to learn walking anew, the first times very unsteady of course, probably while I lean safely towards the bed. (photo: Ragnar Wiesener)

12 Some of us lucky enough to be allowed out of bed, the last stage of our long stays, no wonder we are smiling. (l to r: Bjørn Harald Larssen, Terje Skogmo, me, Håkon Nilsen & Harald Kristoffersen. In the background Stein Nordby) (photo: Ragnar Wiesener)

13 Like so many boys, me and Harald Kristoffersen from Skiervá/Skjervøy were attracted to the fumes, smells and activities at the garage. We used to ask taxidrivers for s quick ride when he was waiting for the customers to appear at the entrance. (photo: Ragnar Wiesener)

14 Four of the nurses during a pause in the garden outside. Most of the nurses were nice, but strict and distanced according to the standards in Norway at the time, probably a tad stricter. Only a few were really bad, and made the stay a hell for many of us children at times…

15 This picture is one of the few that documents that not all was well. I am pondering my future, or whether I had one, since I was not welcome ‘at home’… (photo: Ragnar Wiesener)

16. Nikoline Nordås as a young nurse, worked at ‘Kysten from 1954, as an X-ray nurse, and is remembered by all of us as a kindhearted friendly person. She passed away 22.01.2013. She and her husband Arnljot Solberg, became my ‘salvation’ in a difficult situation for my sick mother in Deatnu/Tana, and they agreed for me to stay in Sálasvággi/Tromsdalen in their new home for half a year or so, until my mother got well. It turned out to be much longer than that…

17 One summer day in august three of us children at 'Kysten', Else, Aud and me, were invited to visit a family in Tromsdalen, where we stayed outside at Lyngeng (Ramfjordveien 10, now Grøtsundveien) inside and outside a tent there. Later we were invited inside at Ramfjordveien 13 to have something to eat (next picture). I knew what this was about. My time at the hospital was long overdue, and I had already been with another family, but they did not choose me. I later heard that Nikoline wanted one of the girls, but her husband, Arnljot wanted a boy(she told me years later). Being a strong willed woman, she still let him decide in the matter. In fact, I was the only option, because the others had families to fetch them later. We had a nice time away from the hospital.

18 Here we are at the table in the then new house where I still live. Left to right: Pus Marie Solberg, Anner Marie Solberg, Gunn Bjørnhaug, me, Else (can’t remember her surname) Nikoline Solberg, Aud Pedersen and Arnljot Solberg

19 So they decided whom to keep, and this is the first ever colour photograph of me 21.09. 1956, sitting with the toy fire engine car on the divane where I spent my first nights since the hospital beds. It was very, very stramnge to be in such a small place, sleepåing in one room alone, and with walls decorated, lants in the window, and niice pictres, a new world for me.

20 Having discovered already at the hospital that I had artisic inclinations, I was given piano lessons. Intererstingly enough, one of the simple melody titles is “Tvillinger” (Twins), but at that time, I did not know that I had had a twin brother, I knew in fact amazingly little about much, but I learned fast, I had a lot to catch up with!

21 My stack of Donald Duck magazines was something that I had brought with me from “Kysten”

22 With two friends above Viđđetnjárga/Storsteinnes, now called Tromsdalen: me, Terje (Johansen?) and Tor Ivar Støback, 1957

23 The link to the hospital was not completely broken. As part of its staff Nikoline had the right to use the summer cottage given by the earlier Doctor Meyer to ‘Kysten’ at Berg. She has taken this photo of Sigrid Solberg, Arnljot, me and Kåre Henriksen, my best friend and neighbour, having a nice meal together.

24 My first Christmas in a family was an overwhelming experience. To receive gifts, and so many! Here playing with Lego, with Anne Marie Solberg, and my bird friend Putten on my schoulder.

My 1-2-3 childhoods. The first childhood 1945-47 I had with my own folks, lasted very short, just a couple of years in Searvegieddi of Deanudat in Deatnu/Tana in Eastern FInnmark county. A coastal Sámi environment, that was under heavvy pressure of both official and local Norwegian racism and assimilation hysteria. Perfect ground for pandemivc diseases the dreaded TBC disease, with the consequence that I was sent to a small hospital in Deatnu and then the local orphanage, before being sent to the hospital at Čáhcesuolu/Vadsø county town. From here I was sent to Romsa/Tromsø, where I experinced a much more different and harsh environment in “My second childhood” 1949-56. My third childhood 1956-67 took place in Sála š vaggi/Tromsdalen near Romsa/Tromsø, where I still live, in fact on the same spot I came in 1956. 

Elin A 25.01.2013 01:43

Mine foreldre gikk jo også på besøk til Åge x og Arnor Grøtheim(fra Brønnøysund?) Olaf Korneliussen, Nordkjosbotn, gift M/Sigrid,sommerstedet jeg var ungtaus på

Elin A 25.01.2013 01:28

Her er det mange Kysten-minner! Undres på om det kan finnes noen bilder i våre hjemmer et sted. Jeg besøkte jo Greta på Kysten mange ganger i uka i mange år. .

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Ja, du må lete, håper du finner noe!

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